Jamie Lee Curtis asked for her Halloween character Laurie Strode to be killed off.

The actress shot to fame playing babysitter Laurie in the 1978 original and has appeared in six of the sequels including the latest instalment 'Halloween Ends' but she has now revealed she was hoping for Laurie to meet a sticky end within the first few minutes of 2002's 'Halloween: Resurrection'.

According to Variety.com, Jamie made the comments during a panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday (08.10.22) insisting she wanted Laurie to die within the first 10 minutes because she "couldn’t live" with the fact that Laurie was responsible for an innocent person's death.

It's believed 'Halloween Ends' will be Laurie's final outing in the franchise, and Jamie told the panel: "Endings are a b***h, but so is Laurie Strode," before going on to credit the film franchise with totally changing her life for the better.

Jamie said: "At this point, Jamie and Laurie have become woven together. There is no separation. I don’t have anything in my life without Laurie Strode. Nothing. I wouldn’t have a career, I wouldn’t have a family.”

Jamie had previously admitted she had no plans to return to the franchise before 2018's 'Halloween' but was convinced to entertain the idea by her actor godson Jake Gyllenhaal and she ended up returning for three more movies.

She told NME: "“It wasn’t even a thought in my head to do another Halloween movie. I didn’t want to, but then I got a call from Jake Gyllenhaal, my godson who I’ve known since he was a little boy. Jake had worked with [director] David Gordon Green and he said David wanted to speak to me. So I told him to pass my number along and the phone rang again just a minute later ...

"There was no mention of a trilogy when we started in 2018. I didn’t think I would do it ever again. Later, David mentioned that there were these three stories: Halloween, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. And here we are.”

'Halloween Ends' lands in cinemas and on streaming service Peacock on October 14.