Jamie Lee Curtis had to battle it out for toilet paper at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 'Halloween' star insisted she's a ''prepper'' who likes to be prepared for any emergencies, but an accidental oversight into her toilet paper stock left her scrambling to get her hands on some of the precious material at the start of the global health crisis, as people were clearing the shelves ready for lockdown.

Explaining she was due to shoot a movie in Canada for three months when lockdown was declared, Jamie added: ''So now I'm at home with my husband and the one thing I hadn't checked was if we had enough toilet paper.''

The 61-year-old actress eventually found some toilet roll at a store that was keeping it behind the counter, and recalled feeling excited to finally get her hands on the much-needed household product.

She told James Corden on his 'Late Late Show': ''James, it became an obsession that was crazy town. To the point where I went to a local market, obviously completely covered, everybody was terrified of each other.

''I'm a really calm person and I'm really good in an emergency but that undid me.''

Jamie's dedication to being prepared for the worst case scenario comes as she previously revealed she's scared of everything, and doesn't ''like to be frightened''.

The actress - who is known for starring in horror movies including the 'Halloween' franchise - said: ''I scare very easily. I know that might seem a stupid thing to say, because in many ways I've made my living from being scared. But in real life, I don't like to be frightened. I find nothing charming about it and I'd hate to watch a horror movie.''

Jamie said she always ''sleeps like a baby'' at night and doesn't want to ruin her perfect sleep schedule by being scared.

She added: ''I sleep like a baby at night and I like it that way. I sleep curled up in a ball like a very content child, and I want to continue doing so. The only thing that'd keep me awake would be something scary, and I don't want that.''

The actress is even scared of surprise parties, and made her husband Christopher Guest promise never to throw her one when they said their vows at their 1984 wedding.

Jamie explained: ''I've always been this way. In our wedding vows, my husband and I promised we wouldn't give each other surprise parties - a surprise party would send me to hospital!''