Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis was involved a serious car accident on Thursday (August 1, 2013) and taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

The star of True Lies was travelling as the passenger in a black Yukon SUV in Venice, CA, when the driver collided with a BMW. Two people, including Curtis, were taken to ER in two separate ambulances, according to TMZ.com. 

The actress' injuries were minor and she was swiftly released and told to rest at home. The other person involved unfortunately suffered far greater injuries.

The real bizarre element of his story involves Curtis' good pal Jodie Foster, who showed up almost immediately after getting a call from her injured friend. That's right, one of the world's most famous actresses jumped into her wagon, stormed down to the scene of the accident and made sure everyone was ok. Just like out of a movie.

Curtis will next be seen in the Kickstarter funded Veronica Mars movie adaptation, with Kristen Bell and James Franco. The film, which raised over $2 million on the crowd-funding website, is set to hit theaters in 2014.

Jodie Foster appears to be taking a break from acting, though will direct Money Monster, a drama-thriller about a TV personality whose insider tips make him the money guru of Wall Street. 

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Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis Was Involved In A Serious Car Crash This Week