Released in 1998 and directed by Steve Miner, 'Halloween H20: 20 Years Later' was the seventh instalment in the 'Halloween' horror movie series. Bringing Jamie Lee Curtis back into the hold as original 'final girl' Laurie Strode, the movie also starred the likes of Michelle Williams, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and LL Cool J, amongst others.

Jamie Lee Curtis has played original 'final girl' Laurie Strode throughout the yearsJamie Lee Curtis has played original 'final girl' Laurie Strode throughout the years

Set 20 years after the events of the first two films, the flick didn't do much to impress the critics or fans of the overall franchise. It saw Michael Myers make his return as he did his best once more to finally kill Strode, but she would eventually get the better of him and take him out with an axe.

This year, a new 'Halloween' movie will be released, with those working behind-the-scenes deciding to throw away all of the material that came after the original movie, and delivering what they see as the definitive second chapter of Strode and Myers' stories.

Curtis will be returning as Strode, 40 years after the first film, and so the star has been chatting about her entries into the series throughout the years.

Speaking with Variety, the actress admitted: "'H20' started out with best intentions, but it ended up being a money gig. The film had some good things about it. It talked about alcoholism and trauma, but I ended up really doing it for the paycheck."

Though it's disheartening to know Curtis' passion surrounding 'H20' was simply for cash, she seems more excited about this year's release than ever before. With a stunning and terrifying trailer dropped for the 2018 movie, audiences can't wait to get to the cinema for some big scares! Bring on the frights...

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This year's new 'Halloween' movie comes to cinemas across the UK on October 19, 2018.