With David Gordon Green directing comes a brand new entry to the 'Halloween' franchise, with a script from Green and co-written by Danny McBride. The film will see Jamie Lee Curtis make a comeback in the iconic horror role of Laurie Strode, allowing her character a return from the dead and showing that this film will be a continuation of the classic original.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode in this year's 'Halloween' movieJamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode in this year's 'Halloween' movie

Distributed by Universal Pictures and worked on jointly by Blumhouse and Miramax, the film will not only see Laurie go up against Michael in one final showdown, but brings her family into the fold. Original Myers actor Nick Castle will even be returning to film a few scenes alongside his former co-star!

This week, Curtis has been opening up about her experience returning to one of the world's most famous horror franchises.

Speaking with Yahoo!, the actress teased: "And as soon as I read what David Green and Danny McBride had come up with... and the way that they connected the dots of the story, it made so much sense to me that it felt totally appropriate for me to return to Haddonfield, Ill., for another 40th-anniversary retelling. There was the idea of, ‘What do you call it?’ If I had had my druthers, I probably would’ve called it Halloween Retold. Because it’s being retold. It’s the original story in many, many, many ways. Just retold 40 years later with my granddaughter."

The fact that Curtis is so passionate about the project has to be reassuring to fans who are worried this could be a stain on the 'Halloween' franchise. In the past, there have been a number of sequels that haven't really worked out, but it looks like all of the right ingredients are in place to ensure that this film will be a must-see.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding the 'Halloween' 2018 movie as and when we get it.