Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shower that infamous scene from Psycho is back to haunt you once again. But this time it’s Jamie Lee Curtis whose getting the fright, as she pays homage to mother Janet Leigh’s famous scene.

Curtis reenacts the infamous shower moment from 1960 Hitchcock classic Psycho in her new series ‘Scream Queens’ which brings the actress back to her horror roots. The 56 year old shared an image of herself on twitter recreating the scene on Tuesday, beside a pic of her mom Janet Leigh in the original film.

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Speaking to Variety, Curtis spilled on why she agreed to reenact the scene for the Fox series, “My entire life I have refused to step into the shower because it belongs to my mother,” the actress said. “I have attempted to step out of the shadow of my parents for a long time.”

“It felt like they’re both gone, and enough time has passed,” she said. “This role has appeared in my life. It’s unexpected and delightful.” Curtis also revealed that the scene will feature in an episode 'way down the line' in the show’s 15-episode run, and was written by Brad Falchuck.

The actress added that she had only one directive when it came to shooting the scene, “If we’re going to go for it, let’s go for it. Let’s be accurate as we can. And we did,” Curtis revealed. But as to why she decided to let the cat out of the bag so early and post the pic on social media Curtis blamed showrunner Ryan Murphy.

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“As soon as Ryan saw that picture he said put it out. So I did,” the actress said. ‘Scream Queens’ premieres September 22nd on Fox. In the series Curtis plays a university dean, while Lea Michele, Ariana Grande and Abigail Breslin star as sorority sisters.