'He did good' were the sentiments of Jamie Lynn Spears when she exhibited the beautiful engagement ring that her now-fiancée, Jamie Watson, gave her on Twitter.

She announced the news of their engagement via the social media page yesterday (3rd March), the same medium by which the elder Spears, Britney, used to congratulate her. "So excited and happy for my sister, congrats @jamielynnspears - love you" she said. 

In her own romantic life, Britney recently broke off her engagement to Jason Trawick, who had also been her manager, but has been seen out and about with a man who works in a law firm- but is not a lawyer. He took her out for sushi on Valentines day and has been teaching her golf. With a 'normal' guy and Jamie getting engaged it seems the last few troubled years for the Spears family may finally be coming to a close.

Britney famously had a meltdown which resulted in her shaving her head and being put under a 'conservatorship', which renders her largely powerless in the eyes of the law. Her sister also became pregnant at the age of 16 which was contentious at the time, but she's proved to be a good mother. Jamie's fiancee - Jamie (that's right, if she takes his surname they will have the same name) - is 9 years her senior and seems to have been a great step-parent so far to JL's daughter. We wish the whole family all the best.

JL Spears with her daughter

Jamie Lynn Spears with her daughter