Jamie Oliver feels that he is ''quite shy''.

The 45-year-old celebrity chef is well known for his campaign efforts, especially in regards to healthy eating for British schoolchildren, but admits he does not particularly enjoy conflict and prefers to keep himself to himself.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Jamie said: ''I actually don't like fighting. I'm actually quite shy. I don't like getting into rucks.''

Jamie admits that his campaigns have meant he has become a target for criticism whenever things go wrong for him, such as the collapse of his restaurant chain 'Jamie's Italian' last year.

He explained: ''I had my a*** kicked for three years trying to save Italian and I pride myself on having done the best version of bad.''

Jamie adds that is simply ''passionate'' about combating childhood obesity, even though he was seen as a killjoy for banning junk food from schools.

The 'Friday Night Feast' presenter said: ''To this day I get a lot of s*** for taking away Turkey Twizzlers. What we did was create the minimum standards for meat products in school, which didn't exist before. Even though I knew I was smugly righteous, I felt very passionate.''

Jamie recently admitted that homeschooling his children during lockdown has been ''misery''.

The TV chef has Poppy, 18, Daisy, 17, Petal, 11, Buddy, nine, and River, three, with his wife Juliette, and revealed that while some of his brood were given plenty of work during lockdown, he had to fill in the gaps left by teachers for his other kids.

Speaking on Magic Radio, Jamie said: ''I had one kid that had really good home-schooling and one that was, kinda, left to it. I think for parents all around the country, home-schooling has been a blend of misery and, and misery.''