Jamie Oliver admits married life can be ''really hard''.

The 45-year-old TV chef has been married to his wife Jools since 2000 and although they've faced plenty of ups and downs over the years, he insists they're still ''best mates''.

Jamie - who has Poppy, 18, Daisy, 17, Petal, 11, Buddy, nine, and River, four, with Jools - shared: ''Marriage is really hard. You're going to spend a portion of it not liking your other half and vice versa. So I think not holding grudges - being able to move on, is really important.''

Jamie doesn't try to disguise the fact that married life isn't always easy, but he's also admitted to feeling ''proud'' of Jools, saying she's his best friend.

The TV star told 'The Joe Wicks Podcast': ''It's not my generation but I see people swiping through Tinder for partners and I think 'wow!'

''But you can't sugarcoat it, you just have to accept that it's hard. But I love Jools to bits and I'm proud of the woman she's become.

''I've enjoyed seeing Jools change, and she's definitely my best mate.''

Meanwhile, Jools recently revealed that she suffered a miscarriage during the coronavirus lockdown.

The 45-year-old model also admitted she's lost three babies since giving birth to River, but she is still ''pining'' for a sixth child.

Asked about having another baby, she said: ''I really do, I really do but I've just had three miscarriages since then and I'm thinking ... and a recent one three weeks ago and I'm thinking: 'No,' I dunno. I do want to, but I've got to mentally check that it's a good idea to do.

''And also physically because I am 45 as I always say, nearly 46. So it's a little bit dodgy.''