Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has revealed a desire to get into an acting sideline on his career, saying that he’d love to have a role in soap mainstay ‘EastEnders’ as a kebab shop owner.

The prospect of the Naked Chef trading affable Cockney-isms with the soap’s hardman Danny Dyer will probably thrill some more than others, but it seems that Oliver is rounding up support to get him the role. Speaking at the opening of his new London restaurant Barbecoa, he even admitted that he’d already thought up a good plotline to bring his character into Albert Square.

Jamie OliverJamie Oliver is eyeing up a part on 'EastEnders'

“Do they need a kebab shop? I would run the kebab shop heavy on the chilli all night long,” he told reporters at the red carpet opening, according to The Sun. “Seriously, nobody has ever asked me but can you get me the job?”

Well, there’s an opening for somebody to run the Queen Vic’s buffet since the landlords sacked Aunt Babe… Does anybody else think this could really happen?

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The 41 year old entrepreneur also revealed that his hit show ‘Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’, which has been running since the end of 2014, has just been commissioned for a fifth series.

“We’ve just been recommissioned for 12 episodes of Friday Night Feast this year. So that has gone from strength to strength, we are really happy about that. I’ve never done a returnable series.”

Also on the small screen, he had time to tease a future series that’s in the works, involving interactions with members of the public.

“We’ve got a couple of shows we’re working on. We’ve got a secret one which I think is nuts and is about the simplest and most delicious food in the world which really tunes in to busy people and what’s available in the supermarket and just joining the dots.”

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