Sometimes the next big thing in music comes out of nowhere, while other times it has been around a while and the success isn’t entirely surprising. For UK singer/songwriter Jamie Scott, it’s a little bit of both.

Jamie Scott PictureJamie Scott might just be the next big thing in music

Scott is going to be heard about a lot in the future, and it’s pretty much directly related to the fact that he’s going to be the opener for a couple of One Direction’s upcoming U.S. shows. On One Direction’s “Where We Are” tour, 5 Seconds of Summer unfortunately had to cancel dates in St. Louis and Dallas, because they were too busy performing at the MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend. Rough life those guys have. Good thing for Scott though, because now the musician gets to play some of the biggest shows that he’s ever played. We all know what happened to 5 Seconds of Summer after their first One Direction tour, and it’s definitely possible the same could happen to him, too.

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There are a few differences between Scott and 5 Seconds of Summer, however - like the fact that all of the 5SOS guys are in their late teens and Scott just turned 30 this past February. For anyone thinking it’s a weird match to pair him up with One Direction, think again. Scott, while a solo musician, has been involved in the music industry for quite a while as a primary songwriter for other artists. His credits include tracks you may be familiar with. Songs like The Vamps’ ‘Wild Heart,’ Christina Perri’s ‘Be My Forever,’ and Colbie Caillat’s ‘If You Love Me Let Me Go’ were all penned by Scott, but it’s his work with One Direction that he may be known best for. Scott has written for all three One Direction records on tracks like ‘More Than This,’ ‘She’s Not Afraid,’ and their big hit, ‘Story of My Life.’ It’s going to be pretty cool to watch a guy open for a band he’s written songs for that they’ll be playing.

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