Jane Birkin no longer wants her name removed from the Hermès bags named after her. Birkin is now reportedly satisfied with the conditions the reptiles, whose skins are used for Hermès products including the Birkin bag, are reared in.

Jane Birkin Jane Birkin photographed in London in 2009.

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In July, 68-year-old Birkin requested her named be removed from the bags after she became concerned about the treatment of the animals used to supply skins for Hermès’ products. According to reports in The Guardian, Birkin grew concerned about the welfare of the reptiles after watching a PETA documentary. 

The documentary includes footage shot by PETA investigators at two reptile farms in Zimbabwe and Texas. It shows the process of skinning reptiles, including crocodiles and alligators, alive for the manufacture of handbags. The factories exposed in the video supplied some of the skins for Hermès’ products. If you want to watch the video, follow this link (warning: some viewers may find it disturbing). 

Birkin had also signed Joaquin Phoenix’s Mercy For Animals petition which urged signers to dispose of all clothing made of animal skins to protest the "millions of reptiles slaughtered each year and turned into shoes, handbags, belts and other accessories".

Hermès announced on Friday (11th September) that they have looked into their manufacturing procedures and have warmed the farm in Texas to keep to recommended regulations and standards. Birkin is also satisfied with the measures.

“Jane Birkin has advised us that she is satisfied by the measures taken by Hermès,” the statement reads. 

The Birkin bag has been a much sought after high fashion accessory since its creation in the 1980s. Originally created in leather, the bag is available in many other animal skins including alligator and ostrich.  

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