The Barbarella star, 77, comes from an acting dynasty thanks to her father Henry, and has been working in show business since starting her career on the stage in the 1950s.

Fonda, who now stars in TV comedy Grace and Frankie, insists she is more determined than ever to continue her acting career, telling AARP The Magazine, "Retirement? No. It's a foreign concept to me. I might not be able to continue acting at some point, but then I can write or produce. There are any number of things I could do. I get so much from my work, and I continually try to improve."

Fonda's TV co-star, 75-year-old Lily Tomlin, echoes her longtime friend's sentiments and adds, "My comedy is a part of my life. I'll never say, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my last performance,' maybe my last for the day, sure, but not my last 'last.'"