Jane Fonda had plastic surgery because of a desire to be loved.

The 82-year-old actress has been open about her past facelifts and breast implants and believes that she turned to cosmetic procedures because of insecurity.

She explained to The Guardian newspaper: ''Oh yeah, plastic surgery, that's interesting. Well, no matter what I do, I'm stuck with this [idea]: if you don't look right, you're not going to be loved. So I always wanted to try to look right. I think when you're poor you cut yourself, and when you're rich you have plastic surgery.''

Jane - who has been married three times, to filmmaker Roger Vadim, activist and politician Tom Hayden and billionaire Ted Turner - also insisted she is happily single and has given up on love.

She said: ''[That part of my life] is gone. I can tell. It's just over - I've closed up shop. I'm extremely happy on my own.''

Jane revealed she was also attracted to strong men in the past but now sees that she is strong enough on her own.

The daughter of actor Henry Fonda said: ''Whenever I've been with men who are not strong I've had a really hard time. I'm now five years older than my dad was when he died and I've realised that I am, in fact, stronger than he was. I'm stronger than all the men that I've been married to.''

Jane's brother Peter Fonda died last year at the age of 79, and although they had not been particularly close throughout their adult lives, they reconciled near the end and Jane has fond memories of their time together.

She said: ''We were very different. I didn't see a lot of him. I didn't even know that he was sick. But he eventually sent me an email and said what hospital he was in, a few weeks before he died. I went there almost every day, and we would laugh and laugh. I'm so grateful that that's how it was at the end between us.''