The co-star of a hit new Netflix comedy series, Grace and Frankie, Fonda is very much back in vogue - and even she is surprised she is still relevant.

She tells the Daily Mirror, "I'm surprised I'm still getting opportunities because, for women, once you reach 40 or 50 it's very difficult to find work... Society values youth - and particularly so when it comes to women. It's not fair, but that's the way it is."

She adds, "I've always remained very physically active. You don't have to accept any limits beyond what your body allows. I've had hip and knee replacements but can still do an intensive workout. I believe that as you get older your mind can overcome a lot of the failings of your body by maintaining a youthful spirit and a passion for everything life has to offer.

"You can still bring a lot of vigour and determination to your world no matter how creaky your knees may be or how many joints have been replaced."

She is a walking example to other women keen to be vital into their 70s.

Fonda adds, "When I was young I never thought I was going to make it past 30. I thought I was going to die of alcoholism and loneliness. You know that hasn't been the case. I certainly never thought I would be 77-years-old and working with Lily Tomlin in a Netflix TV series, so I feel really blessed."