Jane Fonda wants to use her ''incredible potential platform'' to speak out on causes she ''believes in''.

The 82-year-old actress recently took part in weeks of climate change protests in front of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. where she achieved her goal of getting arrested whilst protesting.

And reflecting on the events - which took place every Friday - Jane believes she was handled differently when she was arrested because she's ''white and famous'', but is determined to keep putting herself ''on the line'' for things she's passionate about.

She said: ''When you're famous, you have this incredible potential platform, but how do you use it? I have to put myself on the line. I'm white and I'm famous and I think orders came down from the attorney general to handle me with kid gloves.''

Jane felt more like herself than ever during the protests, and said she doesn't mind putting herself in a position where she ''loses all power'' because she believes the cause is worth fighting for.

Speaking to Elle magazine for their second annual Conservation Issue, she explained: ''It's very hard in life to find a way to align your body with your deepest values, and that's what civil disobedience can do. Even though you're being handcuffed and put in a situation where you have absolutely no control, it's like stepping into yourself.

''I have chosen to put myself in this position where I lose all power because of something I believe in. And it's incredible.''

Meanwhile, the 'Grace and Frankie' star recently said the ''climate crisis'' is ''hanging over every single aspect'' of people's lives, and is much bigger than people understand.

When asked about her activism, she said: ''I think it's important to understand that the climate crisis isn't like, well that's one issue you could work on. You could work on women's empowerment. That's another issue. You could work on anti war stuff. Hanging over every single aspect of our lives is this umbrella, which is the climate crisis. It's going to impact everything and it impacts the question of war. It impacts the question of women's empowerment. It impacts everything.''