Jane Lynch says her divorce is ''not a horrible'' thing.

The 53-year-old actress, who is ending her three-year marriage to clinical psychologist Lara Embry, thinks it is better for the pair of them to lead separate lives.

Talking the 'Larry King Now' show she said: ''It's not dramatic. It's not a horrible thing. It's something that we're dealing with. It's two people who just decided it's better to go apart than stay together.''

Jane and Lara ended their relationship on good terms and want to maintain an amicable relationship for Lara's daughter, Haden.

She continued: ''All's good. We have a little girl - she has a little girl who's very dear to me. She's 10, and she's doing great ... We have to remain adults, which we have. We keep everybody's - especially Haden's - good in our mind.''

When she filed for divorce, Jane cited ''irreconcilable differences'' as the reason for the couple's split and stated that they have been separated since February.

The pair had got engaged in 2010 and married on Memorial Day the same year in an intimate ceremony in Sunderland, Massachusetts.