Janelle Monáe has slammed misogyny in music.

The 'I Like That' hitmaker insists she ''only ever wants to hear women rapping'' and has urged for the abolishment of misogyny in all fields including the music industry.

She wrote on Twitter: ''I really only ever wanna hear women rapping. The amount of misogyny from most men in rap and music is infuriating. We need to abolish that s*** too. Women (black women in particular) have been betrayed by the majority of men for far too long. The systems that enable patriarchy and abusers of power are burning. Either bring gasoline or burn with them. Y'all can't wait to call women every bitch, hoe, discuss violent acts against women, etc for clout in rap, rock, and throughout music history. Misogyny has NEVER been okay yet it has become normalised. Women didn't create misogyny, y'all did. SO YOU DO THE WORK to ABOLISH IT. (sic)''

Meanwhile, Janelle previously confessed she is ''an open wound'' with ''every project'' she does.

The 34-year-old singer-and-actress explained: ''Vulnerability is key, whether it's an album or a show. I'm an open wound every time I go into a new project. I always admit that I don't know what the hell I'm doing and then choose the colours I want to paint with from there. It takes a lot of spirit work to make Janelle Monáe - the artist on stage performing at a concert - unseen.''

The 'Locked Inside' singer is proud to be one of few black women in TV and has praised the Emmy-winning show - which is about the Homecoming facility for helping former soldiers settle back into normal life - for raising ''important questions'' and concerns about the treatment of veterans.

She added: ''There are not a lot of black women leading TV right now. The show asks important questions: what resources are we giving [veterans] financially, spiritually or emotionally? How are we there for our vets, and how can we be there for them more?''