Janelle Monae releases her new album The Electric Lady soon and the first single to be taken from it is Q.U.E.E.N. - a pretty righteous collaboration between Janelle and Erykah Badu.

On her Twitter page, Janelle revealed that all of the girls dancing in the video are her friends and the director of the promo is Alan Ferguson, who also made the video for ‘Many Moons." Described by Stereogum as an “irresistible art-funk strut,” the video is a typically stylised one from Monae, who seems to blend a futuristic vision with a retro sound somewhat effortlessly. The video begins with an introduction to ‘Project Q.U.E.E.N.’ – a “musical weapons programme for the 21st century” before the track begins, with Janelle and her dancing buddies dressed in 60s monochrome, the odd slash of red leaping out of the black and white uniformity. Then in comes Erykah looking delightfully freaky in a blonde wig and adding her ultra-funky vocal as the track slows down a notch before giving way to Janelle’s fierce rapping.

The track’s been getting a great reception, so far, with US music journalist Jess Hopper pronouncing “THIS JANELLE MONAE VID IS EVERYTHING” and BBC’s Rob Da Bank (@RobDaBank) describing the song as “siiiccckkk” and NME magazine including the song on a list of 10 songs their readers should listen to this week.

Janelle MonaeMonae is basically the new Andre 3000