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Hello Janet, Thank you for giving the cassette tapeto Michael but the songs were all for you. It was 23 years ago but it seems like last week. I use to wait all day sometimes just to watch you drive intoyour HavenHurst Encino Compound or drive out.All your fans were doing the same thing including me.You always had a large crowd waiting outside your estate just to catch a glimpse of you. I noticed that you have actually become even more beautiful and look younger 23 years later. I have to findout what health foods and vitamins you are taking so Ican look younger as I get older. Please let us know your secrets. FROM DOWN UNDER SYDNEY AUSTRALIAlOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR UPCOMING TOUR TO AUSTRALIA YOURS TRULY,........MR. HUNT

Posted 14 years 5 months ago by Michael Hunt

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I am Janet's number one fan Down Under. Janet has been the greatest person ever. I waited for hours just to watch her drive out or in to her Encino HavenHurst Estate. Janet cares about everyone. Janet never thinks about herself as she is the opposite of self centered. Janet has always been a giver and never a taker. I regret that I have never met Janet as I moved to Sydney Australia 1988. Janet has never had a bad word about anyone as she only says good things about people. Janet has changed my life forever. The last time I was in Encino Janet helped a homeless person who was living in the garden outside the Encino Compound. She has now brought Quincy back full on and with Quincy Jones producing every song will stay at number one Chris Cooper Cameran Hunt

Posted 14 years 5 months ago by Michael Hunt

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will there be a dvd for the rock withca tour

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by brallen

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dear,miss jackson hello my name is michael calhoun and i just want to let u know that i am a huge fan of your's and i want to tell u just because people call u names doesn't u have to respond back to it if someone call's u a name u know what u should do just get up and walk away and let that person talk to them self because once u do that u make them feel stupid and all u have to do is brush your shoulder's off because u are a celeberity and u have to much going for u and u really don't have time for the bulls**t that people are talking about miss jackson they are jealous of u and jealousy will get u no where trust me i love and respect u with all my heart u are my#1idol and i love u so much also u have a life so what is there to bw worried about what people are saying now if they put there hand's on u then it's a different story,miss jackson please don't let this thing bother u cause i am a really true fan of your's and i really want to see u in concert in march of 2007 well i guess i will get ready for work now and i'll be waiting to here from u soon i love u miss jackson u can email me if u want at [email protected] and i'll respond right back to u ok have a good day PEACE~LOVE~"MIKE".

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by michael calhoun

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Janet, I have all of your records since "Control." I love the new record and I hope that the record label promotes it. I am writing however, to let you know that your "Velvet Rope" record changed my life. I was feeling pretty down and out when you released it and I really listened to the lyrics and then afterwards, I started to hold my head up high. You see I was so stressed out at that time that my body was breaking down at an alarming rate. Your record spoke of the exact same pain to which I was going through. It still makes me cry just listening to it even today. I saw you be strong and then I said to myself," At least someone understands what I am going through." I then started to be strong too. I believe in fate and that record was made not only for you but for people like me as well. I thank God to this day for you making that record and for being the beautiful person that you are today. If noone else buys your records, know that you will always have one person who will. Thank you and God Bless you for you have helped to save my life inadvertently....

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by bjmorr

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mommayokie, you are the baddest entertainer to ever walk this earth and it is a blessing to be able to call myself your #1 fan!!! i've been your biggest fan since PENNY from GOODTIMES.. i've followed you from then til now.. i'm 42 years old and i'll be with you 42 more years or til the end of time.. thank you for bringing love, joy, peace and happiness into my life with your music and your abilty to just be you no matter what may come.... keep your head up!!! jdd (my name is janet also)

Posted 18 years 1 week ago by taurus42djdd

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Janet darling, please refrain from showing us your huge ugly brown pierced nipple. .

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by john in san diego

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Besides what that other person said don't due a duet with mariah. I think you should because you both are outstanding artist. Personally you are my favorite artist in the whole world I love you so much. I respect you for you your mind soul and body. I would really like it if you do a duet with mariah carie. I know how the music business works and I know that she will never see this message I hope she does but I know she won't. I have family in the music industry my cousin is Dj Lil john from WGCI in chicago. Who ever manages this site could you please tell her this if it's not to much trouble thank you very much. I just want her to know what I think. Oh and Ms. Janet good luck on your album sales I will be in the store the first day they are released.

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by Aaron Coleman

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Janet I have every song you made I love you for who you are...But please don't do a duet with Carey

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by Lilge53

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