Janet Jackson has denied she is turning her back on pop - insisting she "loves" music too much to ever stop performing.
The Nasty superstar had a rocky return to music in 2008 with the release of her tenth studio album Discipline, which was relatively ill received compared to her previous records.
She followed up the album with her Rock Withchu Tour, which was marred by problems including the singer's ill health, causing her to cancel seven dates in the U.S. and Canada. The Japanese leg of the trek was also scrapped due to the global economic crisis.
Rumours followed that the star had axed plans to release any new material, and would concentrate on launching a full-time career as an actress.
But despite admitting she will be concentrating on movies in the near future, Jackson insists her music career is far from over.
She tells USA Today, "I read somewhere that I'm not planning to make more albums; that's not true.
"I love singing and performing too much to give them up. Right now I've got a couple more films I may do, and the festival. Then I'll figure out whether to go with a major or do something more independent."
The singer will headline this summer's (10) Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.