Janet Jackson has confessed to joining the mile-high club - and she didn't have to lock herself in an airplane toilet for the experience. The pop superstar got sexy during a probing 20 questions section on pal Tyra Banks' chat show yesterday (20NOV06), when the former model quizzed her about her sex life. Blushing Jackson was initially reluctant to talk about the craziest place she's had sex until Banks started digging deep to get to the truth. She said, "On a plane, on an airplane... Commercial." And when Banks asked, "In a bathroom," the singer left the host stunned when she replied, "No," adding, "That's what makes it worse." The retired model continued probing, prompting Jackson to reveal, "(It was) at my seat." Chancing her luck, Banks then asked her guest, "Have you ever faked an orgasm," but Jackson was candid with her answer: "I think on every album except for this one (new album 20 YO)."