Janet Jackson won her court case against a man she claims harassed her for nine years yesterday (17MAR03) - as the 38-year-old was simultaneously hit with a lawsuit alleging she stalked a female author in the hope of starting a lesbian affair.

A Santa Monica Superior Court judge issued a restraining order requiring New Yorker ROBERT GARDNER, 46, remain at least 100 yards (91 metres) away from the ALL FOR YOU singer.

Jackson did not attend the hearing but said in documents that Gardner "has been following me, sending me faxes and letters and attempting to arrange in-person meetings for nine years".

She added that Gardner was stopped by security at the New York studio taping of her March 2004 US TV SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE appearance - and discovered he was armed with a box-cutter, a large pair of scissors and a knife.

Gardner countered, "I do not want to be considered a stalker. I'm one of her fans."

Conversely, ANGELA WHITTERSON, author of the novel IN CONTROL - LIKE JANET, filed a stalking order against Jackson in Ohio, claiming the star has bugged her home and car in relentless pursuit.

18/03/2005 14:10