Janet Jackson's voice is a ''God-sent talent'', according to Busta Rhymes.

The 45-year-old rapper - whose real name is Trevor George Smith Jr. - has been friends with the singer for decades, but he only got the chance to see his close pal live for the first time when he attended her show over the weekend.

And Busta - who even previously worked with Janet on the 1998 hit, 'What's It Gonna Be?!' - was blown away by the 51-year-old singer's show, and said he had now developed a ''fan obsession'' with the star.

Speaking to XXL after the show, he said: ''I am losing my Janet Jackson live concert virginity tonight. There's a new fan obsession that has transpired for me.

''Me being an artist myself, I'm super-inspired in a whole new way. She is probably the most incredible, timeless, God-sent talent that I've ever seen in my life - I salute you queen!''

Janet kicked off the start of her 'State of the World' tour in September, and her creative director Gil Duldulao recently revealed he was determined to create a stage show that didn't overshadow the star's vocals.

He said: ''I could have easily been like 'Hey, listen, I want to do this type of tour, which is let's go so creative or let's go so over the top,' which tours are doing or is a big thing, which is creating the visuals, LED screens, lighting. I was involved all of that content and visuals but I wanted the audience to remember who she is and to celebrate her. She's such a legend. And I think I did well.''

The concerts are Janet's first since she and estranged husband Wissam al Mana welcomed son Eissa into the world 10 months ago, and Gil thinks she's struck a good balance with her personal and professional commitments.

He said: ''I think what balances her out is the fact that she's happy and she's happy to be here ... She loves being on stage. I think that's what balances her out. I think motherhood balances her out. I think a close support of friends.''