This year's Super Bowl LII will see the New England Patriots going up against the Philadelphia Eagles in the biggest night for sports, but what a lot of people are looking forward to is the Halftime Show, with headliner Justin Timberlake. It's over a decade since Timberlake took to the Halftime stage back in 2004 and since the announcement came that he would be returning, there have been rumours of a number of different guests that could join him on the stage this year.

Janet Jackson says she won't be performing at this year's Super BowlJanet Jackson says she won't be performing at this year's Super Bowl

The one artist that has been at the top of everybody's wishlist is Janet Jackson, following her infamous slip of the nipple in the 2004 performance. At the time it was a huge scandal and saw broadcaster CBS fined $550,000 by the Federal Communications Commission, though an appeal saw the fine overturned.

Jackson was slammed by conservative viewers and critics at the time, whilst Timberlake was fortunate enough to escape from the controversy relatively unscathed. It was of course a time in which women were treated even more unequally than the modern day.

So, will Janet be making a return for this year' Super Bowl? Not if her latest statement on the matter is anything to go by.

Justin Timberlake is headlining this year's Halftime ShowJustin Timberlake is headlining this year's Halftime Show

The singer said yesterday (February 3): "To put to rest any speculation or rumours as to whether I will be performing at the Super Bowl tomorrow; I will not. Thank you for your support and I do look forward to seeing you all very soon."

The comments come after Timberlake fronted a press conference for his Halftime show, where he teased: "To be honest, I had a ton of grand ideas about special guests. We talked about it a lot. There's a whole list - I think Vegas has a lot of odds on it, I heard.

"From *NSYNC to Jay [Z] to Chris Stapleton to Janet, but this year I'm just excited — my band, the Tennessee Kids, I feel like they're my special guests and I'm excited this year to rock the stage. It's gonna be a lot of fun."

With Janet out of the running, let's hope the former three artists he mentioned, including his former band *NSYNC are up for having a good time at this year's Super Bowl!

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Super Bowl LII takes place tonight, airing on NBC in the US.