Janet Jackson wanted to shave her head.

The 53-year-old singer thinks bald women look ''beautiful'' and she hoped to start a trend with the look for her 1993 world tour, but never went ahead with the drastic makeover plan.

Janet made the revelation on Twitter after sharing an Instagram video featuring a young cancer sufferer named Gaby, whose older sister Camila explained her sibling thought she looked ugly because she had lost her eyebrows.

Camila then shocked Gaby by taking a razor to her own brows and telling her: ''These don't make you pretty. They don't make you.''

Janet wrote next to the clip: ''This made me cry. I was actually going to shave my head for the janet. Tour. I love a bald head on a woman. I think it's beautiful! You & your family are in my prayers. Stay positive & strong. You're so beautiful [prayer emojis] RT with a [heart emoji] to send love and support.(sic)''

Janet's post attracted attention from Rihanna and Michael B. Jordan.

Rihanna wrote: ''Wow! We [heart emoji] you Gaby.''

And Michael simply posted: ''keep fighting!!! (sic)''

Kelly Clarkson also shared the video on her Twitter account and praised the ''beautiful and powerful'' sisters.

She tweeted: ''I wish I could hug and hang with these two right now. You two are amazing and your big sister is right! You both are beautiful and powerful! You got this little sis! #bestsideofhumanity (sic)''

In her original Instagram post, Camila vowed to be by Gaby's side throughout her cancer battle.

She wrote: ''I LOVE YOU w every bone in my body. u fight b*tch & u do it damn well. hair does not make you. and even bald u still manage to b the prettiest sister. every battle u go thru, i promise to go thru it w u cus thats what mf sisters do (sic)''