Oh January Jones, how you hath incurred the wrath of the shallow media world today. January and her Mad Men co-stars arrived at the Paley Centre for Media’s screening of the new Mad men show on Tuesday wearing a denim jacket, leather trousers and a white, sheer, lacy blouse. 

January Jones
Look away now if you are fashion-sensitive: january Jones dares to meddle with material combinations

What were you thinking, January Jones!? Yes, it’s 2013. Yes, we are a more open-minded breed of people than those portrayed in the retro drama series in which you star. No, there aren’t ACTUALLY any rules about these things. But oh, how you have angered the media with your “confused” look, your carefree mixing of materials, your devil-may-care approach to making sure that you fit in with your co-stars. Frankly, we’re struggling to see the problem with January Jones’ outfit. In fact, we’d happily scour the high street shelves for hours in a vain attempt to copy the look. 

January Jones
January Jones, apparently sticking out like a sore thumb...

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail have reported that – despite being rival wives on screen, January Jones and Jessica Pare are in fact the best of friends in real life. We’re glad that this was pointed out to us because sometimes we get very confused between ‘acting’ and ‘not acting’ and it leads us into all sorts of embarrassing situations, whereby we run up to TV stars in the street and start shouting “Why!!??? Why!? Why did you kill her?” and other such remarks. Although we reckon Jessica might not want to be friends with January any more, after she dared to mix her materials in such a confusing way. Tut.