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19th May 2015

Quote: "The advantage of doing TV is knowing you have a day job and that you maybe have another season. That is handy when you have got kids and a school run. Right now all I want to do is take a holiday but I wouldn't rule out a return to TV or more movies." January Jones will miss the steady nature of her work on MAD MEN. The American period drama aired its final episode in the U.S. on Sunday (17May15) after a seven season run.

17th April 2015

Quote: "Whenever I felt down, I would take a placenta vitamin and feel better. I didn’t have a fork and knife and eat it like a steak, I took it with my vitamin C and B12 (pills). I don’t know if they were a placebo, but they made me feel better. People act like I’m doing some kind of witchcraft." Actress January Jones on taking placenta pills to combat post-partum depression.

17th April 2015

Quote: "I have yet to feel I can make a living from this. I still feel like they are going to find me out and I won’t be able to support my family in five or 10 years. There is this insecurity, because this is the job where you put yourself out there to be judged, so we kind of ask for that insecurity." MAD MEN star January Jones still struggles to believe she's making a living as an actress.

16th April 2015

Quote: "If someone came along and was obsessed with marrying me, I would think about that. But growing up, all my family was married and never really got divorced, so marriage was a big deal, it was something you definitely did, so it’s not that I’m afraid of it, I just don’t need the tax write-off." MAD MEN star January Jones plans to stay single until she finds the guy she knows she can spend the rest of her life with.

23rd March 2015

Quote: "We weren't allowed to do that. I took a blue coat home once and then I had to bring it back." MAD MEN actress January Jones laments the fact she wasn't able to steal any of her character Betty Francis' clothing from the hit period drama.

31st March 2014

Fact: Mad Men star January Jones went commando during her appearance on America's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (28Mar14), when she turned up for her interview wearing a black jumpsuit ensemble. Embroidered panels down the front of her top and along the sides of her pants appeared to show that the actress was not wearing any underwear.

28th February 2013

Quote: "I should never have told anyone about that. It's so f**king stupid that so many people cared. But it's not gross or witch-crafty. Nor am I putting it in a shake or eating it raw. It's a very civilised thing that can help women with depression or fatigue. I was never depressed or sad or down after the baby was born, so I'd highly suggest it to any pregnant woman.'' Mad Men star January Jones regrets revealing she had her placenta turned into vitamin capsules to give her a boost after she gave birth in September 2011.

22nd March 2012

Fact: Mad Men stars Jon Hamm, John Slattery, January Jones and Christina Hendricks were among the cast who were invited to the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday morning (21Mar12) to ring the bell to signal the start of the working day.

21st March 2012

Quote: "I met him in Melbourne. He's too good to be true that guy." Mad Men star January Jones on her celebrity crush, Aussie actor Eric Bana.

19th March 2012

Quote: "I read on the Internet that I'm an icy blonde in real life. I'm not icy." New mum January Jones insists she's nothing like her Mad Men character Betty Draper.

15th March 2012

Quote: "God bless her, man. She had a baby and he's a cute baby. She's doing it by herself. And you just go, 'Good for you.' She's a great gal. I wish her the best of luck there. I know from being raised by a single mum how hard it is." Mad Men actor Jon Hamm heaps praise on his co-star January Jones. The blonde beauty gave birth to little Xander back in September (11), but she's refused to identify her son's father.

11th October 2011

Fact: Actress January Jones has returned to work on Mad Men less than a month after giving birth. The star, who became a mum to son Xander on 13 September (11), was spotted on set in Los Angeles on Monday (10Oct11).

15th July 2011

Quote: "I'm not going to say what I'm going to do, but I am going to have to do something! So, that's all I can say... It was two choices, really: Either I hide it or I'm gonna go with it. I made a decision. She told me before the world knew, so I had some time to think about it. The real thing is, she's so cute! She looks great." Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on incorporating his star January Jones' real-life pregnancy into the show.

14th June 2011

Quote: "I'm going to see her next week. She sounds really happy and excited. I know January is going to be very warm and tender (as a mother). I just think she's gonna rock." Christina Hendricks is happy for her pregnant Mad Men co-star January Jones.

11th June 2011

Quote: "I was nervous; vanity plays a huge part of her make-up, and I was supposed to look amazing. I really had to work out!" Actress January Jones felt under pressure to look good in the skimpy outfits worn by her X-Men: First Class character Emma Frost.

1st June 2011

Quote: "I have this knack of being able to go out and not be recognised. I wander around town in jeans and a t-shirt and my hair in a ponytail so no-one really spots me." Pregnant actress January Jones enjoys going incognito in public.

14th April 2011

Quote: "I'm really like a guy in a lot of ways. The most starstruck I get is around football players." Mad Men actress January Jones likes athletes.

20th February 2011

Quote: "I can't commit; I'm all over the place. I don't have a type. I keep trying different things." Serial dater January Jones is struggling to find the man of her dreams after splitting from Josh Groban, Adrien Brody and funnyman Jason Sudeikis.

14th February 2011

Quote: "It kind of makes me feel safe that photographers are always outside my place. I live alone and if someone was to rob me they are there." MAD MEN star January Jones finds snappers can be handy sometimes.

14th December 2010

Fact: MAD MEN beauty January Jones has stripped off for a new Versace fashion campaign. The actress is pictured naked except for a pair of high-heeled shoes and a designer purse protecting her modesty.

18th August 2010

Fact: January Jones has become the latest addition to the all-star cast of upcoming comic book prequel X-Men: FIRST CLASS. The MAD MEN star will play super-mutant Emma Frost opposite actors including Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon and Zoe Kravitz.

12th August 2010

Quote: "I find it fun to play one of the worst mothers on television. I'll probably not get married or have kids because of it. I get paid to beat up a kid!" January Jones relishes her role as a bad mum in TV hit MAD MEN.

25th July 2010

Quote: "I didn't know the nominations were being announced, so when the phone started vibrating on the bedside table, I ignored it - because what could happen at 5.30 in the morning other than someone's dead or I'm trouble in the law... I finally answered it and it was very pleasant news." MAD MEN star January Jones on her Emmy Awards nomination.

17th June 2010

Fact: Actress January Jones is the celebrity spokeswoman for ocean conservation group Oceana - even though she didn't get to the seaside until she was 15. The Mad Men star's chief goal is to protect endangered sharks.

17th June 2010

Quote: "I used to say I didn't want to date another actor, but it's hard. I'm in such a bubble. It's hard to meet anyone." MAD MEN star January Jones struggles to find love outside showbusiness.

9th June 2010

Fact: January Jones has signed up as a spokesperson for marine conservation organisation Oceana. The MAD MEN star filmed a public service announcement for the group, which was founded by actor/activist Ted Danson, to promote World Oceans Day on Tuesday (08Jun10).

12th March 2009

Quote: "I have been obsessed with weather and weather patterns since I was a kid. If I hadnt been an actress I would have been a meteorologist." Actress January Jones on her alternative career.

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