Riding the wave of the recent horror genre trend for the supernatural and paranormal, The Quiet Ones is a brand new British movie intended to scare you out of your pants.

The Quiet Ones Jared Harris
Jared Harris Plays An Oxford Lecturer With A Special Interest In The Paranormal In 'The Quiet Ones.'

Looking at the trailer, there isn't actually that much to be scared of apart from the loud and sudden 'jumpscare' sound effect, the creepy staring children, the strange-looking experimentation equipment, the black and white films, the screaming, the smashing...Er, ok, well it looks like there's lots to be scared of.

The Quiet Ones shares the same producers as Woman In Black and Let Me In and is directed by John Pogue ('Quarantine 2: Terminal') and co-written by Craig Rosenberg ('After the Sunset', 'The Uninvited'), Oren Moverman ('The Messenger', 'I'm Not There').

Watch The 'The Quiet Ones' Trailer:

Set in the seventies, the movie centres on Professor Coupland (Jared Harris), an Oxford University physics professor who has a particular interest in the paranormal and supernatural. He gathers up his team for a dangerous experiment intended to investigate whether poltergeist activity is caused by strong negative energy emitting from humans and prove that children are the key to paranormal phenomena.

However, on their quest to collect photographic evidence by creating their own poltergeist, Coupland and his team notice that their young female subject becomes traumatised after being left alone for a short period of time, and starts to experience a strange presence near her. Coupland soon realises what kind of evil he has truly invited...

If films where unexpected happenings and frightening hauntings occur, such as Insidious or Paranormal Activity, annoy or just plain terrify you, it's probably best to stay away from The Quiet Ones. However, if the chilling premise and crack team of horror-heads behind it entrance you, make sure to head to the cinema next April.

The Quiet Ones will be released on the 11th April 2014.