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30 seconds to mars is an INCREDIBLE band. until i googled them i had absolutely no idea jared leto was the same jared leto in all of the great movies i have seen starring him. OMG......he is cute in the movies but he is HOT as the lead singer for 30sec. i will forever be a fan and jared,,,,,,,,,,your band needs to visit virginia......specifically "The Norva" venue in Norfolk, Va.................you will love it as well as your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 15 years 1 week ago by urbanlegend

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Will i only saw Jared once in person here at starbucks toledo ohio and hes is so humble person and shy as well like me... i was so shy to ask hes autograph or picture because i dont want to make him nervouse or feel wierd about me im am kindna respectful to anybody and so ITS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE that im so respectful and yet SHY but Jared if your thinking of coming back here in cold Ohio toledo your welcome... i was that lady next to your table wearing red outfit. I just dont know that time it was you while im putting cream on my coffe but soon i saw your amazing eyes i known you from tv...I LOVE YOUR MOVIE ALEXANDER YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB YOUR AWESOME GOOD LUCK ON YOUR CARRIER AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF!tes

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by starbuckstoledo

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