Marvel’s upcoming Dr Strange movie finally seems to be taking shape with the announcement of Sinister’s Scott Derrickson as director. But while there’s been no casting announcements yet, the rumour doing the rounds on the internet is that Oscar winner Jared Leto is being lined up to play the Sorcerer Supreme. But could Leto really be the right man to bring Dr Strange to life?

Jared LetoCould Jared Leto make a convincing Dr Strange?

Jared Leto is hot right now and we mean this purely in reference to his acting career. Thanks to Dallas Buyers Club, the actor, who moonlights as a rock star (or vice versa), can now add’ Academy Award winner’ to his resume. But even before he took home the Oscar gold, Leto still had a impressive track record thanks to movies like Requiem for a Dream. There’s no doubt that Leto has tremendous versatility as an actor and he cold probably turn his hand to just about anything. But acting prowess aside, could we really see him make a convincing turn as Steven Strange?

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If you’re not clued up on non big screen superheroes, then let us help you with Dr Strange. The character made his first comic book appearance in 1963’s ‘Strange Tales No. 110’. The doctor was a brilliant but greedy neurosurgeon whose career was left in jeopardy after a car accident damaged his hands. Strange’s search for a cure lead him to a scorcher called ‘The Ancient One’ in the Himalayas who teaches him the mystic arts, transforming himself into 'the mightiest magician in the cosmos’.

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So does this sound like Leto? Well yes and no. It would be no big surprise if Marvel went for an off beat, quirkier actor for the title role, after all his name is Dr Strange and the first name to do the rumour rounds was Johnny Depp. Based on pure aesthetics alone, Depp looks a lot more like Strange then Leto does. Sure Jared could cut his hair and mould his beard for the part, but despite being 40, the Dorian Gray of movies just seems a little too baby faced for the part. Depp on the other hand, while looking good for 50, definitely has more of the rugged edge needed.

Jared Leto at the 2014 oscarsLeto now has an Oscar win to his name

Still, playing a brainy sorcerer is definitely not beyond Leto’s reach.If Dallas Buyers Club proved anything it’s that Leto is a capable character actor, willing to go to lengths for the part. Plus something tells us that the 30 Second to Mars singer’s fanbase would just relish having him involved in a Marvel movie. Really if Leto’s up for taking on Dr Strange, then we’re not going to stop him, actually we might be up for giving him a slight nudge in the right direction.