The (unofficially titled) DC Extended Universe will be expanding once more if a new report is to be believed, as Jared Leto's version of the Clown Prince of Crime looks set to get his own solo movie. Having debuted in the DCEU as part of 'Suicide Squad', Leto's Joker has been the source of criticism by many, but that hasn't stopped those at Warner Bros. from putting their faith in moving forward with the actor as the psychotic DC villain.

Jared Leto has clearly impressed the big wigs at Warner Bros.Jared Leto has clearly impressed the big wigs at Warner Bros.

Refusing to put all of their eggs in one basket however, WB are also working on putting out a Joker origins story separate from the DCEU, with Joaquin Phoenix looking likely to slide into the role. It's a good job the character is one the fans can never get enough of!

News of Leto's solo film broke via Variety, who also say the star won't just be fronting the flick, but will be serving as a producer. When it comes to a writer and a director for the project, nothing has been officially announced, so it'd be fair to say that we are in the earliest stages of development.

Leto also looks set to star in the upcoming 'Harley vs Joker' film, which will see Margot Robbie making her return following her successful debut in 'Suicide Squad'. This is just one of four films Robbie is going to be a part of, with the actress also set to work on a solo Harley film, a 'Suicide Squad' sequel, and 'Gotham City Sirens', where she'll team up with the likes of Poison Ivy.

It's unclear at this point whether or not a Leto solo Joker movie would be a success, but it's good to see that WB aren't letting the disapproval of a vocal minority play into the decisions being made behind-the-scenes.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding Leto's solo Joker movie as and when we get it.