The Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman set up in 2013 to provide music fans with a quality, advertisement-free viewing platform, which grants users access to special videos and other treats, for a small monthly fee.

However, Leto has become infuriated with some subscribers who have shared the special material with everyone else for free.

The Oscar winner took to on Monday (11May15) to appeal to viewers to help him stop the leaks, writing, "Leaking VyRT content is a slap in the face to all who chose to support by unlocking content. Please report leaks here [email protected] THX (thanks)".

He then took it one step further by issuing a strict warning to anyone who continues to violate the rules of the site, adding, "Please stop leaking VyRT content. If you do this we will have to shut VyRT down and there will no more content for you to leak. Get it?"