Jared Leto has walked through New York dressed as a woman.

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman decided to don a drag outfit and take a stroll through the city, and was amazed when no one seemed to care.

He said: "I put on fishnets and a black wig, old-school French. I picked it myself. And I had a Russian accent. I was walking down Madison Avenue in New York thinking, 'Wow, I bet people are going to think, "Who is that chick?"' No one thought that though."

Jared, 38, insists he wouldn't repeat his transvestite experiment because he looks too masculine to pass as a woman.

He added in an interview with the British edition of Elle magazine: "I tried to dress as a woman once. I thought I'd make a really good woman, but the jaw is too big and even my little muscles, as soon as you put on a Pink tube top, you just look too manly."