Sorry ladies, but it appears that Jared Leto could be off the market, as Star magazine is reporting that the Oscar winner is dating model Dimphy Janse. Dimphy who? Indeed. Well, not to worry as we’ve rounded up whatever info we could find on the emerging model, because girls, it's important to get know your competition.

Jared LetoJared Leto, might not be single anymore...

Hailing from the Netherlands Dimphy is just 23 years old, which makes her 19 years younger than youthful looking Jared, but hey no one can probably tell. Her Storm Model’s portfolio lists her as 5 foot 9 (and a half) with blue eyes and long dark blonde hair. If you want to build a clearer mental picture, she also wears size five shoes and has a 24 inch waist.

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Dimphy’s modelling career began at home in the Netherlands when she was just 13. She stayed in her home country until she turned 18 when she moved to London and then Paris. As of June last year she was said to be living in New York and is being represented by New York Models. From what we can gather she's quite the rising star in the fashion world and spends most of her time on planes going from one high end shoot to another. Right now she’s wearing Prada in Italy.

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But what about her romantic history?  Well, in a 2013 interview she described her craziest date as a blind date where she had to drink a lot of champagne in order to kiss the boy whom she felt too bad to send away. We’re guessing this wasn't Jared.

As for her all important social media presence, twitter has three Dimphy Janes accounts, all of which have been inactive for years. However she can be found on Instagram @dymphnajanse where she posts the standard amount of selfies and photo shoot pictures. Hidden among these are two snaps of the model with none other than Jared Leto! In one from last month the actor can be seen poking his head into a shot of Dimphy and two other girls, and in the other Jared has his arm around her and she appears to be holding a stuffed toy.

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Star magazine reports that the pair attended the Coachella festival together, which is where at least one of the Instagram pictures appears to have been taken. A source told the magazine "Dimphy is an old soul, and Jared loves that about her. He adores her.” Neither Jared or Dimphy have confirmed that they are dating, but they sure do make a cute couple. Whist Dimphy hasn’t made it to Cara-levels of model stardom yet, if she is the girl who’s stolen Mr Leto’s heart we can bet we’ll be hearing a lot more about her in the future.

Jared LetoJared Leto and his award winning hair