Arrested Development made its long-awaited return this weekend. As it’s Netflix that have brought this cult hit back to prominence, a question rears its head: should we watch this in one go, fighting off a sugar-induced comatose while 90% enveloped by a sleeping bag? It really comes down to another question: is it good?

Jason BatemanA bearded Jason Bateman at the premiere of season 4

The reviews certainly suggest that this immensely popular comedy is somewhere near its best, and despite a few flat points, season 4 is a worthy addition to the already existing trio of seasons available. Binging the whole series, which is part of Netflix’ marketing strategy, might be detrimental to the season as a whole, though. Some of the flat points are only flat because they came after 3 consecutive hours of watching it. Compare the show to a similar project from Netflix, House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, and we can get closer to our answer. Binging on House of Cards was one of the best ways to watch it; with complex plotlines intertwining each other and creating a web of intrigue, it was best viewed in sequence. Arrested Development has an established cast, and the viewing is so light, watching them one-after-the-other can make the comedy grow tired.

Regardless of your views on TV binging, if you were a fan of Arrested Development, you weren’t going to miss the new season, and probably couldn’t help completing an all-night marathon. If you have stuff to do, like working etc, and you haven’t managed to catch the new season, then perhaps take it in small doses. It’ll help, we promise.

Michael CeraMichael Cera hangs out with the cast of Arrested Development