'Ozark' and 'Arrested Development' star Jason Bateman has a whole lot of memorable roles under his belt, but the actor has his sights set on something a little more feminine in the near future. 

Jason Bateman hopes to play a female in the futureJason Bateman hopes to play a female in the future

In a recent round table interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he sat alongside the likes of Jeff Daniels and Darren Criss, the actor said he does enjoy being the "normal guy", but would like the challenge of having to play a woman.

"I'm really enjoying that as opposed to playing a bunch of different characters," he explained. "Having said that, I'd love to play a woman."

He continued: "But in a very real way. Like a 'Tootsie' version of it would be pretty cool where there's a wink to it but then also the plane lands every once in a while and there's some real introspection there."

Though he likes the idea, doing 'Tootsie' isn't exactly what he likes, as he did make sure to add: "Not to suggest that film needs to get redone, which it should never."

Bateman will be glad to change the conversation following the recent controversy surrounding 'Arrested Development' co-star Jeffrey Tambor, whom he defended when it came to light he had had a huge verbal confrontation on the set of the Netflix original series.

There was so much negativity surrounding the comments, that a promotional visit to the United Kingdom in support of the new season of the show was cancelled. Still, the new episodes did launch on Netflix, picking up good to great reviews from the critics.

Exactly what sort of role Bateman would like to play remains to be seen, but we're sure he'll get his wish if he goes digging in the right places.

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The new season of 'Arrested Development' is available now on Netflix.