Hitting Netflix a little earlier this year, Jason Bateman and Laura Linney-led new drama series 'Ozark' debuted to a good critical reception, and it would seem the show has had enough support from subscribers that the company have already decided to give it the go ahead for a second season.

Jason Bateman is enjoying a huge wave of successJason Bateman is enjoying a huge wave of success

Bateman stars in 'Ozark' as financial advisor Marty Byrde; a man who looks after his family by secretly laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. It's a hugely different role for the guy who usually plays the funny man in film or on screen, most notably in the likes of 'Arrested Development' or 'Horrible Bosses'. 

Whilst Byrde's wife (Linney) knows the business he's in, she doesn't realise the catastrophic effects it could have on their entire family unit and, when things go inevitably wrong, the pair along with their daughter and son must uproot and move to Missouri's untapped market of Ozark.

The lakeside community may at first look to be the perfect, idyllic place to set up shop, but it becomes instantly clear to Byrde that he's dealing with a community that already has its shading dealings. With danger lurking around every corner and obstacles consistently throwing themselves in the way of his ambitions, Byrde truly had his work cut out for him through the first season.

Though the show's final scene in season 1 wasn't exactly a cliffhanger, there was enough left there to warrant it making a comeback, and it would seem Netflix want to find out more about this set of characters.

Netflix confirmed that the second season would consist of another 10 episodes, with the news coming after the streamer renewed their female wrestling comedy 'GLOW' for a second season, but cancelled 'Gypsy' after just a single outing.

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'Ozark' season 1 is available on Netflix now. We'll bring you any news surrounding season 2 as and when we get it.