Jason Clarke likes to watch other movies to get him in the "mood" for his own acting roles.

The 'Terminator Genisys' star likes to "go back and reference" other films and characters when he's on set preparing for his own role as it keeps him "inspired".

Asked what he always takes with him to set, he said: "An iPad. I like to watch movies, just to get me in the mood. I think it's a good thing to go back and reference. It could be the same type of movie that you're making, or it could be the same type of movie that you're making, or it could be something completely different, just to remind you of great actors and great work, to keep you inspired."

And the 51-year-old actor feels "lost" on set is when he can't give the director what they want.

He added: "My darkest moments are when I can't seem to get what I want to give to the director. Those are the ones, where you're turning yourself inside-out. I remember on Chappaquiddick ['The Senator'], there was one day where John [Curran, the director] just didn't have what he wanted there. I was willing to do anything but I still couldn't process it. You feel f****** lost."

Jason has made a lot of friends on the various movie sets he's been on.

Speaking to Total Film magazine, he shared: "Absolutely. Gary Oldman was a big one for me. When we started shooting 'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes', I said, 'I was at drama school ... dude I've gotta say, I'm f****** so happy.' I couldn't believe I was there, opposite Gary Oldman. Sometimes you're worried they'll go, 'I'm not here to be your friend.' But you do bond. You've shared something. Like on 'Apes' with Andy Serkis. You've gone through all this, and they've been a part of your life."