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13th February 2017

Fact: Actor and late night talk show host James Corden brought his famous Carpool Karaoke sketch to the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (12Feb17) as the prizegiving host recruited Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, Faith Hill, Tim MCGraw, John Legend, Keith Urban, and Ryan Tedder to sing Neil Diamond's classic Sweet Caroline with the veteran crooner himself. Beyonce's five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy was even spotted getting in on the fun, joining the star-studded group towards the end of the brief rendition.

7th January 2016

Fact: R&B star Jason Derulo made his new relationship with 50 Cent's ex Daphne Joy official at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night (06Jan16), by attending the prizegiving with her hand in hand, and posing for pictures together on the red carpet. Joy is the mother of 50 Cent's three-year-old son Sire.

22nd October 2015

Fact: Justin Bieber has been added to the list of performers at the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs), which take place in Milan, Italy on Sunday (25Oct15). The Baby singer joins the likes of Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams and Jason Derulo on the bill at the awards bash.

11th August 2015

Fact: Country star Luke Bryan and R&B singer Jason Derulo teamed up for an unlikely virtual duet using a karaoke app called Sing! The duo covered Derulo's hit song Want You To Want Me, and each star posted the video of their performance on Instagram.com on Monday (10Aug15). Derulo and Bryan previously joined forces at the CMT Awards last year (14), singing a mashup of Derulo's Talk Dirty and This Is How We Roll, Bryan's collaboration with Florida Georgia Line.

30th June 2015

Quote: "When I'm performing, it's mandatory to say on my set list where I'm performing, because if not, I'll be in L.A. and be like, 'Toronto!' It's happened one time." R&B star Jason Derulo needs a little help to remember where he's performing each night while on the road.

18th June 2015

Quote: "We were having dinner at the White House, and I leaned over and was like, 'Stevie, so, um, I got this song with a harmonica on it. Would you want to play the harmonica on this song?' And he was like, 'Of course, man, we're family!' I was like, 'Cool.' So I was like, this is going well... let's continue the conversation - 'Would you want to sing on the song too?' He was like 'Well, let's put it like this - if I hear that song on the radio and I'm not on it, I'm gonna whoop your a**!'" Jason Derulo reveals soul superstar Stevie Wonder didn't take much convincing to join him on his new track Broke.

17th June 2015

Fact: R&B star Jason Derulo is the proud new owner of a castle in Los Angeles. The unique property was built in the 1920s, and includes a moat. To create his dream home, the Talk Dirty hitmaker knocked down the existing tunnels on the estate and renovated the house to give it a futuristic "year 2020" feel, according to property insiders.

24th May 2015

Quote: "I do get tired of playing nice, especially when people think I did something wrong, or that she broke up with me. But it's so behind me." R&B star Jason Derulo insists he is so over his break-up from ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks, who he split from last year (14).

25th March 2015

Quote: "I think Tinder's a really good thing. My cousins use it a lot and they have a lot of fun with it - and success. The song is perfect for the platform as well, because you swipe and it's somebody you want and you want somebody to want you back." R&B star Jason Derulo is a fan of dating app Tinder. The singer debuted his new music video for Want to Want Me on the app on Monday (23Mar15).

25th March 2015

Quote: "I'm not hesitant to date again at all. I feel like you have to take time by yourself too, so you can learn to love somebody else. I also learned that I might not be ready to settle down that much. I'm still young there's a lot of time. There's no reason to rush anything." R&B star Jason Derulo is ready to head back into the dating game after his three-year relationship with singer Jordin Sparks ended last year (14).

25th March 2015

Quote: "I'm a pretty good matchmaker. I feel like I'm Dr. Love. I might not necessarily have the answers for my own relationships, but I got answers for other people. I have a pretty good track record." R&B star Jason Derulo has a knack for setting his friends up on dates.

21st March 2015

Quote: "I would if it wasn't so unpredictable. I'd probably meet some huge fans, but otherwise it's not a safe bet. Maybe if they come up with a version of Tinder for celebrities, then I would do it. I do think it is a beautiful thing and works." R&B star Jason Derulo tells Us Weekly he would love to try a celebrity-only version of online dating app Tinder.

20th March 2015

Fact: R&B singer Jason Derulo is set to debut his new video via dating app Tinder. The promo for Want to Want Me will launch on the app on Monday (23Mar15).

12th December 2014

Fact: Actor Steve Carell put his vocal talents to the test on Wednesday night (10Dec14) by teaming up with U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon to perform an a cappella version of Marvin Gaye classic Sexual Healing on The Tonight Show STARRING Jimmy Fallon. The Foxcatcher star follows in the footsteps of Kevin Spacey, who previously joined Fallon's Tv barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, to perform a unique rendition of Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty earlier this year (14).

26th September 2014

Tweet: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Newly-single Jordin Sparks is trying to stay positive following her split from fellow pop star Jason Derulo. The couple dated for three years before news of its break-up surfaced online on Thursday (25Sep14).

31st July 2014

Quote: "I think when somebody's desperate, they're desperate. I can't knock him for trying. He's trying everything to get his girl back, so I can't knock him for that... I talked to him personally, and we're not necessarily like the best of friends or anything, but you know, he mentioned something about that. So you can tell when somebody is in dire need of having that special person back. And I think that's all it is." Singer Jason Derulo sympathises with Robin Thicke and his public campaign to win back his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton.

20th May 2014

Quote: "Michael Jackson as a hologram is the best idea anybody has had in the past couple of years. I was too young when he was around, so to be able to sit back and watch is pretty incredible." Singer Jason Derulo was amazed by the Michael Jackson hologram at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (18May14).

30th December 2013

Tweet: "Still can't believe it! He surprised me on Christmas but I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming before I posted it! ha! Thank you so much Jason Derulo! I love you baby! Omg (oh my God) omg omg." Singer/actress Jordin Sparks is still in shock after her longtime boyfriend Jason Derulo gifted her with a new Bmw car for Christmas.

11th November 2013

Fact: Singer Jason Derulo helped a member of the American military ask his girlfriend to marry him by serenading the couple with his song, Marry Me, while Samuel Peikert popped the question on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Veterans Day (11Nov13).

16th October 2013

Fact: R&B star Jason Derulo got a soaking during an appearance on America's The Ellen DeGeneres Show after agreeing to have water dunked on his head to raise money for a breast cancer research charity. The stunt, which aired on Tuesday's (15Oct13) programme, raised $12,000 (£8,000).

2nd August 2013

Tweet: "Happy Anniversary to my love, Jason Derulo! 2 years down, 103 to go!" Jordin Sparks is celebrating two years with her singer boyfriend Jason Derulo.

14th June 2013

Tweet: "Oh geez. @jasonderulo is Not my fiance. One day, hopefully. But not now." R&B star Jordin Sparks clears up rumours she's engaged to boyfriend Jason Derulo.

20th May 2013

Quote: "My injury was a near-death experience. It definitely made me grow up, take a look at my life and see what's important." R&B star Jason Derulo has a new outlook on life after recovering from a fractured vertebrae in his neck last year (12).

10th May 2013

Quote: "She was alright until one portion of the video where we were doing a water shower scene, and she said her heart kinda dropped a little bit." R&B singer Jason Derulo made his girlfriend Jordin Sparks jealous with his steamy love scene in new promo The Other Side.

16th April 2013

Quote: "Just hanging out with her was very different from my past experiences and just felt different around her and I felt very comfortable, and I tell her things that men will probably not tell their girlfriends." Singer Jason Derulo on his special relationship with girlfriend Jordin Sparks.

23rd May 2012

Quote: "I'm Team Jessica and my girlfriend is Team Phillip. We have this little wager going on... If I win, she has to massage my feet for 10 minutes - she hates feet - and if she wins, I have to cook her a meal, and I can't cook for anything." Jason Derulo and his girlfriend Jordin Sparks have a bet at stake on the outcome of the American Idol finale on Wednesday (23May12).

1st March 2012

Fact: R&B star Jason Derulo has recruited his girlfriend Jordin Sparks to feature on the remix for his new single It Girl, just days after revealing his hopes for a collaboration with the American Idol winner.

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