Jason Donovan's estranged mother has blasted the singer/actor for a series of shocking revelations in his tell-all autobiography.
The former Neighbours star told his life story in 2007 book Between The Lines: My Story Uncut, opening up about his feelings for his mum Sue MCIntosh, who split from her husband Terence when Jason was a child.
Donovan wrote, "To say that my mother abandoned me would be too strong. When she walked out of the family home that day I realise now that she wasn't walking away from me but from her marriage. However, as a small child there were times when I did see it that way. Why my parents couldn't have put their differences behind them for the sake of their child still remains a mystery to me."
But the personal revelations hit MCIntosh hard - and she's not spoken to her son since the tome was released.
She tells Woman's Day magazine, "I was appalled and upset by his book. It was a cruel effort on Jason's part and I told him that in the last conversation we had. Jason and I haven't spoken for three years - not since his visit to Australia in 2007 to publicise his autobiography. Nor was I invited to his wedding.
"Some celebrities manage to write books without bitterness and I find those ones are a great, rollicking read. But Jason has taken the dollars and had a good crack at people he does love deep down. Jason knows the truth - I didn't abandon him. I took him with me when I left our home in Melbourne, and I left because it was a horrendous situation."