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Craig Fairbrass To Star In Ire

Craig Fairbrass, Stephen Odubola and Jason Flemyng are to lead the cast of prison drama 'Ire'.The flick will mark Ross McCall's directorial debut and is set to begin filming in the near future.'Ire' tells the...

Jason Flemyng Feels 'Invincible' After Beating Coronavirus

Jason Flemyng feels ''invincible'' after overcoming coronavirus.The 53-year-old actor has revealed he's feeling great after previously being diagnosed with the disease, and he's now trying to remain as busy as possible amid the pandemic.He shared:...

Jason Flemyng: I, Robot Is Rubbish

Jason Flemyng thinks Will Smith's 'I, Robot' is ''rubbish''. The 'X-Men: First Class' star hasn't been able to finish the dystopian science-fiction flick because it is ''unwatchable'' and every time he puts it on, it...

X-men: Days Of Future Past Will Be 'Darker'

Bryan Singer claims 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' will be ''darker'' than previous films in the series. The director has shot the second prequel to the original X-Men trilogy, and claims while it retains some...

Matthew Vaughn To Direct New Star Wars Film? Jason Flemyng Slips Up

Has the cat been let out of the bag too early? Last week, with rumors swirling around whose going to get involved in the recently announced new trilogy of Star Wars films, actor Jason Flemyng...

George Lucas On Star Wars: Episode Vii: "I Don't Really Have Much To Do"

George Lucas says his involvement in Star Wars: Episode VII will be limited and that he intends to leave it up to Disney's chosen director and producers to carry on his iconic sci-fi story. Speaking...

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