Jason Momoa has admitted he's desperate to start work on the 'Dune' sequel.

The 42-year-old actor - who plays Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve's upcoming big screen adaptation of Frank Herbert's 1965 epic science fiction novel of the same name - has reacted to the news of a follow-up after the filmmaker admitted he'll be ready to start work on it next year, if it gets greenlit by the studio.

He told Collider: "Bro, it's killing me that we've gotta wait a year. It's killing me that we're not in production yet. I'm like, guys - we gotta go!"

Momoa has loved being involved in such a huge project, and he was particularly moved when director Villeneuve offered him the role without needing to see an audition.

He added: "I mean, the moment he called me. He called me and chose me - I've had to audition my whole life to get something. I just couldn't believe that - before I got the script, he sent me his bible of what the whole movie is, images.

"I've never been chosen for anything - especially to be, he's wanted to do it his whole life. It's his masterpiece, his life goal, and for him to look at me and see me as Duncan Idaho is just crazy."

He also weighed in on the strong women in the movie, and heaped praise on his co-stars while describing the experience as an acting masterclass.

He said: "Charlotte Rampling steals the movie. I was blown away when I saw her performance because obviously I wasn't part of any of that.

"She was better in that scene that anything I've ever done in my performance in anything... I was blown away.

"Rebecca Ferguson is just such a talent, totally opposite of that character, she's wonderful. I got a masterclass in acting. The women, to the men - the whole thing, I just felt like I shouldn't be here."