Jason Momoa is enjoying his time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hollywood star is usually too busy filming blockbusters to spend much time at home with his wife Lisa Bonet and their two children - Lola, 12, and Nakoa-Wolf, 11 - and so has said he feels ''very thankful'' that the current global health crisis has forced him to self-isolate, as it means he can spend quality time with his family.

He said: ''I rarely get to be home, so it's pretty special. There's a lot of things [to do]. We've got skateboard ramps and climbing walls and throwing tomahawks and shooting bow and arrow, and so we have a little bit of space. I feel very thankful. It's nice being home. I'm never home.''

Jason insists his brood are ''doing really well'' amid the change to their lifestyle, and are ''really loving'' having their dad home.

He added: ''The kids are doing really well. Everyone's kind of in virtual school. My son, Wolf, he was already being homeschooled anyway, so it kind of was easy for him. And then they have time to check in with their friends. But I think they're really loving it. They're loving having me home, and we're having a great time and we're just getting around like everybody else is.''

The 'Aquaman' star says his kids are currently attending online lessons, and is thankful for their teachers because he wouldn't be able to cope if his children came to him with homework questions.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres on her talk show on Wednesday (15.04.20), the 40-year-old actor said: ''They don't go to me for any [of it]. I'm like the PE coach, you know what I mean? Like, 'Get your a** outside. Want to go rock climb, skateboard?' But that's about it.''