In 2006, Jason Schwartzman created Coconut Records in Los Angeles to add to his creative outputs. In 2007, the indie-pop solo music project led to the creation of 'Nighttiming', before returning in 2009 to release 'Davy', both of which went on to achieve critical acclaim. When Schwartzman took some time to talk to us about the film 'Listen Up Philip', he also took some time to discuss the possibility of more music from Coconut Records.

Jason Schwartzman at the premiere of Mozart In The JungleJason Schwartzman at the premiere of Mozart In The Jungle

Straight off the bat, Schwartzman confirmed that there was no official word on a new musical project. He cited the reason for his lack of time in the studio to being his new child, "but typically," he revealed, "I like to be doing some form of music every day." According to Schwartzman, there is music in the household every day. "If it's not writing," he explained "it's learning someone else's song and I'm always thinking about it and always cooking up ideas."

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Schwartzman went on to talk about how the question had come at an interesting time, as only a few days before, he had thought to himself "I've gotta actually start recording a record now; I haven't done one in a long time!". He also discussed how he was happy to have the program GarageBand on his computer, because it allowed him to quickly and easily make a record music from the comfort of his own home.

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As the questions wrapped up, Schwartzman told us what his favourite album of all time is. Well, sort of. "Oh, come on!" he said, "What? That's so hard! At the end of the day, it's just The Beatles records and The Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds', David Bowie's 'Low' - too many." We'll have to wait and see whether a new record is coming out in the future.