Jason Schwartzman ''loved'' wearing a prosthetic penis in new comedy 'The Overnight'.

The 35-year-old actor, who stars alongside Adam Scott in the movie, was forced to wear a fake member for some scenes and said it was ''fun'' to have it applied.

He told 'Conan': ''I loved it. It was nice.

''In fact, like the day that I first had the penis applied to me, I was dreading it. Of course you lie there.

''They put it on with adhesive and it's put on you and then when I stood up for the first time and actually saw it, it was really nice and fun to have it.''

What's more, Jason admitted to taking a picture of himself with the prosthetic penis attached and sending it to his wife, fashion designer Brady Cunningham.

He shared: ''I tried to take a selfie but it didn't work.

''The hair and make-up lady, Elle, took a few photos of me fully naked and we didn't get the lighting quite right so we took three or four of me and I texted them to my wife and she thought it was great.''

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