Multiple Spoilers Alert!

How I Met Your Mother fans have succeeded in their plight to receive an alternate ending to their favorite show. Maybe they’ve been taking tips from Veronica Mars fans? Those guys know how to get things done!

HIMYM castLet's hope the HIMYM alternate ending features all of the cast equally

The long-running CBS show ended in March after nine years, when it was finally revealed that ‘the mother’ had died before the story had even started. How do we put this nicely? Fans were NOT happy. While a few were happy to see Ted return to Robin six years after the sad loss of his wife, many felt that the pair rekindling their romance backtracked on years of character development made over the past few series.

The series’ writers, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, had in fact written the ending years before it happened, when it became apparent that Ted’s kids were ageing too quickly. It doesn’t seem that they had expected the show to run quite as long as it did and as a result of this the characters were developed further than they ever thought they would be. This meant that when the show finally did come to a close, the ending that had been planned all those years beforehand didn’t make as much sense.

Fans were also left disappointed by the lack of attention paid to the other characters who made HIMYM so special. Barney, who had developed into a real human being, rather than little more than a wise cracking lothario, reverted to the hollow character he had been pre-Robin. Lily and Marshall barely got a look in, nor did any of their children. Lily got bangs, if that helps fill in what she got up to for the rest of her life any better.

HIMYM castThe HIMYM cast will have to team up for one last time

We do hope that the alternate ending pays as much attention to the other characters as it did to Ted and Robin. Sometimes we just have to accept that a show pans out in a way that we hadn’t expected, or necessarily wanted. Although it seems as though HIMYM fans feel so let down by the ending that they will be willing to forget it happened entirely if they are provided with one that they prefer. It is a bit cheeky of the writers to stick to their own fantasy of how they’d have liked to see the show end, rather than evolving along with their characters and their fan base.

Let’s hope the alternate ending strikes more of a chord with fans. We do know this, HIMYM DVD sales are probably going to go through the roof. Maybe that was the plan all along?

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