How I Met Your Mother, or All The Women I Slept With Before I Met Your Mother, will return for a ninth season, it was announced last night.

There had been some doubts over whether or not the show would return for another season after Jason Segel, who plays Marshall on the show, was reportedly sat on the fence over whether to return or not. However, according to Deadline, Segel decided to stick with the show for at least one more year after a last-minute change of heart during last night's negotiations. Deadline quotes a source as saying that Segel "decided to bail and leave the cast hanging, but he just got turned around today at the last second. The show was literally dead."

Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Barney, was also reportedly undecided whether or not to return to the show, but decided to pledge his time to the HIMYM some weeks earlier, leaving everyone hanging on Segel's word. Now though, it looks as though Christmas may have come early for HIMYM  fans as the show will definitely be returning next year. In fact, executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have even hinted that this season may very well be the last when speaking to E! last month. Bay said: "It's obvious this show is around one central question, so that meeting [of the mother] will be part of the endgame of the show. How much the show will go beyond that, we can't really say one way or the other."

Let's hope, for the sake of those two kids, that season nine really does mark the end of the series because it looks like it isn't just those two, who are getting restless with the show.