Jason Segal's life hasn't changed since he became famous.

The 31-year-old actor-and-scriptwriter - who made his breakthrough in TV series 'How I Met Your Mother ' - thinks it is important in his capacity as a writer to make sure he stays normal and does not let celebrity go to his head.

He said: "I've tried hard not to let my life change, if that makes any sense.

"I just bop around, doing the same stuff I usually do. I go to the pub a lot and am still friends with friends from high school. More than anything, it's really important as a writer because if you stop experiencing normal life you really feel it in the scripts."

The 'Bad Teacher' star also reveals he gets experience from people as he is a "watcher" and will happily find out stories from strangers.

He added: "I'm definitely a watcher, yeah. I do like to observe people when they're drinking because that's when they're at their most honest. I like talking to strangers."