Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz used ''modesty garments'' to hide their private parts while filming new movie 'Sex Tape'.

While the shreds of fabric may have kept their pride in tact while making the film, the pair did face the tricky task of putting the items on, with Jason admitting he found it particularly ''awkward'' to attach the material to his member.

Cameron confessed: ''We actually had what are called modesty garments. Basically what they are, are just pieces of nude material which are cut and placed strategically on our bits and parts so that we were not exposing to ourselves or the camera.''

Jason said: ''I didn't have someone to apply my modesty garment. I had the awkward clumsy process of figuring out how they are supposed to work, but I figured it out!''

However, Cameron admitted that she had to put full faith in her friend Julia who was responsible for fitting the attire on set.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', she joked: ''My girl Julia and myself are very professional at it, in fact. We know each other very well and I trust her incredibly because there's double-stick tape involved!''

The pair also spoke about the current scandal involving leaked photos of high-profile celebrities, with Cameron describing it as a ''major violation''.

Jason added: ''What happened in real life is a terrible crime. It's very easy somehow when you use the word celebrity to take away the human aspect; that that is an actual person with a life.

''The whole tabloid culture, I think to some extent, dehumanises the idea of what a celebrity is; it's a person, who might be good at acting!''